“AC is dedicated to provid The Best Tools and Services At The Best Prices , Good Quality, On Time" Alex Chang, Director

The management and employees at AC are committed to serving our customer’s needs in the time frame required to meet AND EXCEED your project’s demands.

AC at a glance:

  • Established 1990
  • Annual Sales $20 Million +
  • 4 Facilities
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Total Employees: 200
  • Strategic Alliances in Taiwan & Germany


The large mold making & molding services provider Specializes in precision mold making & molding for Automotive, Home Appliances and Electronics.


The enclosure manufacturing services provide Specializes in tooling fabrication, injection molding, secondary post-molding process, and final assembly for Automotive, Home Appliances, Electronics, Medical Product and Optics so as to supply One Stop / Total Solution Service.